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Making you happy one bite at a time with great tasting, fresh, and beautiful-looking cakes. Celebrate with Keik, celebrate with love. Welcome to the Keik family!

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About Us

Welcome to Keik

Welcome to Keik!

Keik is the fulfillment of a life-long dream of two friends: Wilfredo and Alejandra. They have combined the training of working with creating desserts and their Venezuelan roots to develop a unique product line of desserts and pastries that combines traditional favorites with new flavors and designs.

Our history

Alejandra and Wilfredo had different careers in Venezuela before moving to the United States in 2015. However, Baking and creating desserts have always been a passion for Wilfredo since he was a kid and for Alejandra managing her own business was a dream that made her move to the land of opportunities (of the possibilities). They found each other at their first job in Miami working at a kitchen in the production of hundreds of desserts for different restaurants. Becoming best friends and learning from all the experiences they have accumulated over the years helped them understand that working together and combining their passions would make it possible to accomplish their long time dream. The creation of Keik, the menu, the colors and concept were Wilfredo’s idea, but Alejandra’s commitment and knowledge in business made it possible.

Keik was born!

When Willfredo thinks of a cake the first colour that comes to his mind is the delicious and glossy pink frosting that covers it. That’s where the inspiration he used for the store’s colors comes from. For the menu they wanted all the traditional cakes but with their own signature recipes also available, adding new creations everyone can enjoy every day. Keik’s atmosphere is inspired by french cafes where everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with the most delicious piece of cake, surrounded by family and friends.


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Hear from our customers

What a beautiful spot to enjoy a delicious dessert. Excellent attention and good location. You have to go and try my favorite snickers brownie. I will certainly return

Oriana De Grazia

Happy customer

Increíble! Los postres más divinos que he probado en la ciudad de Miami, la atención es inigualable, el ambiente es muy acogedor, perfecto para pasar la tarde con familia o amigos, 100% recomendado!

Beauty by Msb

Happy customer

Best bakery in town! I absolutely love this place. The cakes are not only beautiful but they are also delicious! They can design anything you want and they will make it look good, elegant, chic and Oh! so beautiful! I can’t recommend them enough!!

Mariangela Zavala

Happy customer

Amazing 🤩 place! Can’t get enough. My number one place to get my sweets! Fresh ingredients, amazing atmosphere and great customer service.

Briggitte Pascual

Happy customer

The best Cakes in South Florida. I got my birthday cake with them and I could believe how good, Moist and well done their cakes are. 100% Recommended. I’m definitely coming back. 🎂

Hector Lizardo

Happy customer

The best cakes in Maimi, the flavour is a real madness, i just loved it, i absolutely recommend them🙌

Jose Manuel Rojas Vargas

Happy customer