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Making you happy one bite at a time with great tasting, fresh, and beautiful-looking cakes. Celebrate with Keik, celebrate with love. Welcome to the Keik family!

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We want to make you smile, one bite at a time, with great tasting, fresh, and beautiful-looking cakes

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Alejandra Romero


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Wilfredo Ulacio


A fiery long-time passion for cooking and baking led him to follow his dreams and open Keik with his best friend, Alejandra.

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  1. Keik was born!

    Our brand came to be in March 2020, a time when the world was going through some big changes, but we decided to still take a chance to make our dream a reality.


    Keik was created out of the strong friendship between founders Wilfredo and Alejandra, who worked as bakers creating desserts for multiple businesses, and combined their skills to come up with something truly unique. 


    And so, Keik was born!

  2. Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day 2020 was a doubly special day.


    First for being the day when we celebrate our beloved mothers, and because it was the day we realized Keik had the potential to grow a lot and that people were starting to pay attention to us.


    It was an honor for us to be flooded with delivery orders, calls to take and orders to bake. One thing was clear: people were trusting us to bake desserts that would last forever in their memories of such a special day.


    It was the day we understood people were starting to enjoy Keik more and more.

  3. We arrived at Brickell. Our first location!

    Finally, a place to call home. The day we opened our first location in Brickell was another unforgettable day that made us realize we were expanding our horizons and reaching a newer and wider public.


    It’s a place of unforgettable moments that we take care of with the utmost care and love.

  4. It 's Christmas time at Keik. Our first Christmas together.

    Christmas 2020 felt like the consolidation of Keik as a brand and it considerably helped us in increasing our reach.


    It was the first time Keik expanded into making traditional Venezuelan “pan de jamón” and cakes for Christmas, which brought us great joy and was a lot of fun.


    We also really appreciate and are grateful for the trust our customers put into us by allowing Keik to be part of some of the happiest moments spent with their family. We look forward to many more Christamses together!

  5. A new step forward: Weddings, catering and special events.

    In 2021, we expanded our operations yet again, this time into catering and as a provider for special events. Gaining more and more attention through social circles and social media, multiple customers started trusting us to provide desserts and cakes for their weddings.


    We also partnered with several famous Venezuelan personalities who were interested in making us their official provider for special events related to their shows and businesses. It was another step forward in the growth of our brand and one we are deeply proud and grateful of: to be part of our customers’ most special moments.


    The future may be uncertain, but one thing’s for sure: Alejandra and Wilfredo’s creation will hit even bigger milestones from here on out.